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Everyone has their own definition of a rodeo, but the true definition of a rodeo doesn’t come from the internet or a book but from participation and your own experience. It’s not just about the events that are in it or the people who are in it. It is defined in many personal ways. One way you can define rodeo is by the events that are preformed in it. There are two major categories; first you have the rough stock. They are judged on how well they ride for eight seconds. The rough stock consist of bull riding, saddle bronc riding, and bareback riding. Then you have the timed events. There are several of them; team roping, calf roping, bull dogging, barrel racing, pole bending, breakaway roping, and sometimes goat tying. Everyone has their favorite, but you have to admit that the rough stock ones are the most exciting. Even if you are not winning in any rodeo you go to it is still worth “donating” your money. Ask anybody who loves to…show more content…
When you can’t afford it you still find a way to pay your entries and get yourself, or yourself and your horse there. Even if you’re not doing any good you still love doing it and pay for another one and try again. You can’t really define rodeo the best unless you have done it before. It can be your “life” for some people or just a hobby for some. Either way, in my definition of a rodeo it’s something I can’t live without. There’s something about it that runs in my blood and I have to have a need for it. Rodeo is a lot of late nights and driving. You’re on the high ways a lot and sharing the road with the truckers. On some of them it’s almost like camping, than for the others it’s almost like a vacation with your horse. You see a lot of America when you go to any rodeos. Being in a rodeo and getting to a rodeo isn’t easy. You have to love the game in order to compete like professionals do. When your day is done, and you win or lose, you usually have a big celebration after

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