Definition Of Responsibility

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Definition paper--responsibility ENGL101 Mr.Maa 1426 Xizhe Cheng The word responsibility should be familiar to every individual in the society. It appears very frequently in our daily life. Responsibility was told by supervisors. When accidents happen, someone or something would take the responsibility for it. It seems to be a self-explanatory word in our life, but the definition of responsibility is usually ignored by people. Is the definition of responsibility only applies to individuals? Of course not. It can also applies to groups or corporations, but there it is significantly different from it for individuals. What if responsibility comes to the society as a whole? If we say 'the society should take responsibility of each individual' what is the definition of responsibility here? The society is not only about the governments or authority; it is the social environment that human beings live in as a whole. Therefore the responsibility here represents a situation, a state of matter (which is the society). It is not applies to anyone or anything specifically, it describes something that exists intangibly and you cannot deny. It is like air, you cannot feel it when there's no wind at all, but you need it every seconds. The more accurate statement for the definition is "function". Society as a whole can be described as a large machine; every individual is an element of the machine. Responsibility for this 'machine' is the existing function of the machine. For example, in animal world, social animals' like lions, they have their way of allocating resources. Females are responsible for food supply, and males are responsible for protecting territory. The group of lions can survive in the nature. The same basis for human society, therefore responsibility is defined as the existence of function of the society Here's the question, which definition is
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