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Definition of Home Essay

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  • on December 2, 2013
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Definition Paper

          Where is my home? A question probably everyone has asked themself at least once in their life. In everyone’s childhood this question is easy to answer: home is the place close to the parents. But once we grow up, the definition of the word ‘home’ varies for every single individual. We discover that there is much more behind the word home, that it is a many faceted word that combines different concepts. The definition out of the dictionary, home is the place of residence, is way too simple for this comprehensive word. A German philosopher said: “Home is there, where there is none anymore” (Heimat ist da, wo keine mehr ist). And apparently the importance of home increases as soon as you go abroad, because only then you notice the preferences you had back home. In my view, home is culture, friends, relatives, neighbors, cuisine, personal objects and of course the environment. As an international student I´ve learned that home is not only a place. It is also like a feeling, connected to memories. By losing almost all of those components, the word home got a new, very complex definition which is, in my view, very hard to describe.
          Home is equitable with the local nature, because the place of birth and the place, the house, the city where people grew up and made their first experiences of socialization,

accompanies their whole life. Especially the childhood shapes the identity, the character, the mentality and the world perception of the people. Because of this close connection to the
originally home, people compare every subsequent experience with their first adventures experienced at home. For example, I´m born in a bigger city and had always people, cars, and social life around me. After I visited a friend who was living on a Farm, surrounded by Nature, Animals and country air, I didn´t feel comfortable at all. I liked being with my friend but wasn´t happy with the surrounding area. My friend felt exactly the same...

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