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Definition of Freedom “Freedom is like birth, till we are fully free, we are slaves.” These are the words of Gandhi; I find them to be true. We are all seeking what is our own definition of freedom. Thus raises the question of “What defines freedom?” There are two main ideas that come to mind when freedom is mentioned: physical freedom and mental freedom. Apart from the dictionary definition of freedom, there is physical freedom that is longed for as well. This means lacking confinement, and this is crucially important. Freedom is also the ability to do what one pleases and go where one wants with out limitations. For example: most people desire to be some where with open spaces as compared to a confined area on vacation. A slave that has known nothing but oppression from birth will not desire to be free as much as one who has been in the outside world first and put into slavery because the first does not know what it is actually like to be free. Adolf Hitler used concentration camps to try to detain all of the prisoners and take away their physical freedom. This aspect of physical freedom helps me with one more area of freedom; mental freedom because when you are physical free, you realize that you can not only do what you want, but that you can also think what you want. Having the understanding and capacity to know that you can think what you want to think gives you a sense of self-meaning. Some famous criminals have reversed this to promote their powerful cults. Charles Manson took away the mental freedom of his cult’s members by repeatedly telling them lies and controlling their every move. In the free world, when your mind is not being persuaded, you begin to identify with other people and think that if they can have freedom, you can too because you are not that different from them. Mental freedom

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