Definition Of An American Citizen

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Its horrible and I got an C for doing it. Supposibly the instructor didn't want to stray but I often do. Definition of an American Citizen By Paul Backer What makes a person an American Citizen and what does it mean to be one? This is an awful hard question to answer and those who do choose to answer it will most likely come up with an entirely different answer compared to those others who will try. If that question is truly answerable, the next obvious questions are the questions that should follow it. Questions like, what is required and what responsibilities come with the idea of being an American? What is asked from us to the people who came before us and what will our descendants ask from us in return? My first question is, what is an American and how do you become one? I will start off with the internet definition of an American found on Wikipedia. It states that to be an American citizen, a person would require either parents or himself to be born in the United States. It also states that if you come over to the United States from afar and meet certain guidelines; you can apply to become an American citizen through a process called Naturalization. As the process of Naturalization is possible, it is far easier and shorter to just be born in the United States. Now that the requirement for citizenship is answered, the harder questions to answer remain. First, what does it mean to be an American citizen and why should anyone care? Well, the United States is among the more powerful nations that ever existed upon the Earth. However, when our forefathers first arrived off of the first boat into the new world, it wasn’t developed as we have it now. It took decades of hard work and dedication to a common cause to form the United States to the form it is today and it is our job now to continue to work hard and advance this nation into a
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