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Definition of a hero In the dictionary, they define hero as a mythological or legendary figure often of divine descent endowed with great strength or ability. To sum that up, basically, a hero is a strong individual with outstanding abilities. To me, heroes are that plus more. I believe that a hero can be a person that is very selfless and loves to help out no matter what. You have heard of many super heroes growing up such as batman, superman, etc. When you look at those types of heroes, you think of males with super powers with the ability to get rid of the bad guys. All of these heroes have different attitudes and different aspects of the real meaning of a hero. Aspects such as selflessness, inspiring, and distinguished. Heroes can be selfless in many ways. From helping an old lady with her groceries to helping homeless people on the streets. When putting others before you, you can expect more in return. That’s why it pays to treat others the way that you want to be treated like my mother always used to tell me all of the time. In cartoons, we see heroes going to help out every time they hear the word “HELP!!” or maybe just a little kitten purring in a tree. Even if they are busy, the will stop what they are doing and fly away to help the person. One hero that inspires me is cat woman. The reason I say that is because just because she is a woman, it doesn’t stop her from doing what she has to do in order to save someone. Being inspired by a hero can be either a good or a bad thing. The good thing is, if it’s a positive hero (Smokey the bear), It could teach the children something positive and point them into the right direction. For ex. It could teach them how to recycle or stay away from fires. The bad thing is, if it’s a negative hero(x-man,etc…), which shows them that they have super powers and can get rid of the bad guy by shooting them or just fighting.

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