Definition/Example Of Love Essay

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For Every Occasion On his way home, he came to a stop at the busiest intersection in town. He looked left, right, left and right again. At that precise moment two teenagers, who were about sixteen or seventeen years old, caught his eye. The couple was walking arm in arm and eyes locked on the others. The two only had eyes for each other, so they stopped for a minute to sit down on a bench to cuddle. Every part of their bodies touched, for it seemed as if their bodies intertwined and became one. As he drove home, memories of forbidden nights on hot summer days flooded his mind as he gazed at the young couple in love reminding him of his first and only. A few minutes later Peter swung into his driveway and parked. Locking the car, Peter walked up the long, narrow pathway to his front door and with every step his heart grew warmer and warmer. In the entrance of his house, Peter paused to look at his favorite picture in the entire world and couldn’t help but smile. He couldn’t wait a second longer. Into the living room he rushed, bounding around corners to get there as fast as he could. He reached the living room in record time, feeling as if he were a champion, and his eyes came to rest on his pride and joy – his bouncing baby boy. Peter’s heart couldn’t take it anymore; his heart exploded with love and warmth. Their arms reached out and found each other at the same time. Relief mixed with happiness and pure joy radiated from both that it felt tangible. “Honey, you home?” called a melodic voice. “I’m in here,” Peter yelled back. Grace glided into the living room to find her high school sweetheart playing with their son on the floor. After all these years she still got butterflies in her stomach, how could that be? They had known each other for decades, and had been together just as long. She kneeled down

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