Definition Essay: What Is Fear Good?

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Some say fear is good because it means you still have something to lose. In existance, everyone gains something in this life. One's self grows very much attachted to this thing and maybe more. One who has nothing, has no reason to live, they are fearless. The concept of a person losing something they are attatched to would make them inclined to not wanting to lose it. What is fear? It could be perhaps the strong sense to try to keep what one has. When one's life, for example, is threatened to be taken from them, the immediate reaction is fear. Why is that? One may have something to continue for, or maybe one have the curiosisty to see what is to come and one inclined on the experience. Even if one lives, there is more in life to lose.…show more content…
The will to want and the will to learn. The will to want to learn about the unknown. It gives us the curiosity to venture into the unknown and return with understanding. And with understanding we cannot be afraid. If we know for something for certain, there is nothing to fear. Fear can only be described as the misunderstanding of something. If everything were to be understood there would be no fear. If we understood our purpose in life, all would die happy. Perhaps it's not death we fear. It's death that we don't understand, pain we don't understand. But if we were to know what pain means and why we must have it, then perhaps we would all be happy to have pain or suffering. But that is unlikely because we have something to protect us from enjoying such a thing. We have the protection of venturing out into the unknown and losing everything. Fear keeps us in continuance and in continuance we have what want. We have what we are attatched to. We have what gives us purpose and what may help us find purpose. Fear keeps us to what we have to lose. And without fear we are lost to this world. Lost without anything to live for which doesn't make us quite alive. The only thing to fear is not

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