Definition Essay On Rebellion

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Defining a Rebel Rebel. The very name brings up images of war, oppression, resistance, and courage. To some, it is the act of taking up arms against oppressive governments. To others it is the difference in the way people think. Others think of smoking, drinking and breaking rules. Rebel, by definition, means: A person who resists any authority, control, or tradition. However, each person bases their own definition on their personal experiences and their ideology. So, who is a rebel? A person who is willing to push invisible lines and challenge the greater authority, be it the parents or the government. Such rebellious behavior can be positive and benefit the human race (Gandhi’s peaceful rebellion against the English brought a sense…show more content…
What is oppression? Oppression is forcing people to work without sufficient pay, or taking away their unalienable rights, or taking people into slavery. These are all examples of oppression that have happened to people thought history. When a large number of people are controlled and oppressed by a few, people resist and revolt. Therefore, in this case, the motivation for rebellion was oppression. Other times, the motivation is greed for money or power. People rebel to gain religious freedom or political freedom (Che Guevara risked his life many times to free Cuba from foreign influence), or independence (British colonists in America had escaped British rule). Sometimes, they just want attention (Lohan). There are other types of rebels; their rebellions are more subtle and discreet. Some change the way we critic art and literature (Jackson Pollock’s abstract paintings had been critisized by many people as “childish coloring”). Some change the way we look at sports (Jackie Robinson became the first African-American major league baseball player of the modern era in 1947.). These people are all rebels fighting for their own causes. Justified or not, these rebellions have changed human history. Where would we be if Rosa Parks hadn’t refused to give up her seat? Or if Susan B. Anthony hadn’t
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