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Loyalty Loyalty can be a complicated concept and can be interpreted in several ways. Loyalty is often described with the words of faithfulness, commitment, and devotion. Although all of these words pertain to each other none of them is a clear definition of loyalty. There can be loyalty without these concepts, but these concepts do not exist without loyalty. Loyalty towards God, family, and our country is what we have built ourselves on. The definition of loyalty came into sight around my thirteenth birthday. My sister was working as a dishwasher in Vrooman’s Hotel. She said that they had a job opening and that I should take the it. I was thirteen and I did not want to have to work all the time and miss out on the time with friends. My sister, being family, thought it was her obligation to help me start and get ahead in the world and she took the job for me. She knew that the job would help me prepare for what the world had to offer. I did not see her loyalty to me as her brother as a blessing at the time, but I would soon find out that this would help me in the future. As I worked as a dishwasher, my sister moved up and she began to cook. She worked at Vrooman’s for five years and proved her loyalty to the restaurant and was rewarded. With the money that she earned as a loyal worker she paid for her four years at a private college and her bought own car. When I saw what she had achieved, I began to strive for the same thing. This is when I saw that my sister was being loyal to me and helping me achieve the same success that she earned. While working at Vrooman’s I began to create a sort of connection with the other staff members and the patrons that attended the establishment, the people swarmed to Vrooman’s like bees to the hive. This began to create an obligation between me and everyone else to help each other succeed in their goals. [Loyalty is

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