Defining the Biblical Worldview

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Joshua Reynolds Contemporary World Views Apol 104-B08 LUO 2/4/2013 World View Assignment Defining worldview “Worldview” is a term that references the psychological phenomenon that people inevitably use to supplement their finite knowledge with intertwining subjective presumptions. It both influences and is influenced by every facet of a person’s existence. Worldview can be developed haphazardly, systematically, or by the combination of the two. Its development is also affected by the inclusion of but not limited to: a person’s cognitive function, emotional responses, personal experiences, experiences of others, desires, acceptance of doctrine(s), or by any combination thereof. Dr. Lew Weirder provides an analogues description of a ‘world view’ by saying it is like “A filter or lens from which one sees and interprets the world and all that it represents” (Weider & Gutierrez, 2011, p. 51). Classifiers such as “biblical” are added to the term worldview to define what set of beliefs where used to develop it. Defining Biblical worldview The defining factor of the biblical worldview is that the Holy Bible is considered infallible and is used consistently as the supreme reference in one’s life. It determines how they will respond to: questions, decisions, emotions, thoughts, and adversities. It is a view point that is grounded in the theistic idea that there is only one God that is: Omniscience, Omnipotent, Omnipresent, and Immutable. The Holy Bible is considered to be divine inspiration and transcribed by chosen authors of God. It is also considered to be special revelation and is meant to be used as a guide to understand our existence and purpose. It is important to note that the biblical worldview seeks to be objective and also includes scientific study. It is not merely philosophical and may be more accurately termed “biblical paradigm”. The biblical

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