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Defining Social Work Essay

  • Submitted by: jacra7
  • on November 20, 2013
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Mid-Term Paper: Mental Health Field
Jade Cramartie
Morgan State University

This paper identifies the field of Mental Health in social work. It contains the field requirements, practice opportunities, challenges unique to the practice settings, populations served, and skills that social workers must possess in order to be successful. It also contains specific reasoning’s on why I want to become a social worker for my career choice.

Mid-Term Paper: Mental Health Field

To decrease the time from a three hour trip, my friend gave me a ride to the bus stop. I thought it would be harmless because the stop was not far away so I did not put on my seatbelt. We were in the far left lane and he made a sharp right turn into the far right lane to get into the gas station. The wheel locked and the car proceeded to go right, we ran over a fence and ended up in a ditch. It all happened so quickly. People who were watching helped us out of the car. My knee was messed up and I was out for the rest of the basketball season. I went to the hospital and I was given pain medicine and muscle relaxer. The next day was the beginning to my therapy sessions and I met my social worker and therapist. The social worker familiarized me with how long my sessions would be and the type of treatment I would be receiving. In the beginning I was distant and skeptical, but we eventually built trust. We had a strong relationship because she seemed to genuinely care. Overall she made the whole situation a smooth and comfortable one. She without a doubt helped me cope with everything, especially coping with being out from basketball. Seeing how necessary my social worker was in my recovery process made me realize the career that I wanted to pursue. I wanted to do for others what she had done for me. She gave me reassurance along the path of my recovery. I then decided I wanted to help people with their problems and give them the support that was given to me.
In order to become a medical social...

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