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Defining Social Psychology Essay

  • Submitted by: brandikeller01
  • on May 21, 2014
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Defining Social Psychology
Brandi K. Keller
March 20, 2013
Dr. Timothy Doty

Defining Social Psychology
Throughout the years each field of science and each discipline relating to psychology has had to fight to prove its point and its relevance to the field; therefore, making each field of psychology worthy of its place within the science and academic communities. One of the many behaviors observed during this trial has been the way people think, influence, and relate to others otherwise known as social psychology. Friends, family, and collogues influence each other, which can be either a positive or a negative influence. How each person thinks and relates to these influences is what determines if the influence will be a positive or a negative one. Within the following paragraphs the definition of social psychology will be provided. How social psychology differs from other related disciplines (e. g., clinical psychology, general psychology, and sociology) will also be discussed. Along with the explanation of the role of research in social psychology will also be addressed.
Many have made the claim that social psychology is basic common sense (Myers, 2010). Through the many studies supporting evidence has proven social psychology to be a logical and strong field of science. Within the psychological world, one can only come to the conclusion that social psychology is anything but common sense. Social psychology is the scientific study of how each person thinks about, influence, and relates to other people (Myers, 2010). For example, a group of people at the office that eat lunch together and have begun eating similar foods; therefore, showing that the influence of one or two wanting to eat healthy or overeating has affected the other people in the lunch circle. Whether choosing to eat as health or as unhealthy depending on which course has been taken shows how the influence has been used. Therefore, the influence of what one’s peers or social climate...

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