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Defining Self Essay

  • Submitted by: Ahmedarsalan
  • on December 2, 2013
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Self is you as an individual, your personification, your identity and individuality. However, one may question what is taken into account, when considering the true you?
Who you are, is not as often considered by ones own reflection, but by what others see of you. The roles and responsibilities you take, your goals, interests, attitudes, behavior, personality, and even style of dress are a reflection of who you are.

These are only outwardly appearances, which tend to give false impressions, of what is being reflected from within.

Your inner self, is what you and those close to you may only take notice. Like your habit of sleeping on your right side, the emotion to cry when watching Bambie, your beliefs, your wants and needs. This is your real self. They reflect the way you may relate to society, and the way you communicate your concern for particular issues..

You can wear a three-piece suit and drive an expensive car Monday-Thursday. Wear sweats on your days off, and roll around on the floor with your children. Dress in your finest for Friday, Saturday, or Sunday for Religious services.

You are still the same person, no matter what it may seem like on the outside. The inside is you, your true self. Who Am I (descriptive)

For the past few years, I have been at a "stand still" trying to figure out my place in life. Recently I have taken into consideration my abilities, preferences, aspirations, limitations, and motivations to find the answer. These factors have been a tremendous advantage in helping to figure out who I am.

I spend my early mornings in prayer, studying, and reflecting on the Quran. I help my three children with their homework and projects that I have assigned until noon.

These details revealed that I am nurturing, generous, passionate, and emotional.

My hobbies and interests include Theology, Philosophy, Graphic Design, Event Planning, and Traveling. These details surfaced certain character traits such as, analytical,...

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