Defining Race And Ethnicity Essay

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Race and ethnicity to me are very different things. Race is determined by how you physically look. I am considered black because of the color of my skin. Race is a stigma that can include or exclude you from certain groups. We are asked to enter our race on employment applications but why? If we live in a society of equal opportunity what difference does it make? Who will get a job if you and another candidate of a different race apply for a job with the same qualifications? Does that check in the equal opportunity box make the difference to who secures the position? Ethnicity is based more on culture such as heritage, nationality, religion, and many other things. We have many ethnic groups in America. I believe that these are designed for people to share their lifestyles and customs with other people of the same nationality, religion, or heritage. Some people that have the same ethnicity cross different racial lines. These concepts are important to the United States because of our fundamental beliefs. The United States is supposed to be the melting pot for all people of any ethnicity to come and educate others of their customs, beliefs, and religion. The concept of melting pot should also entail mixing of various races, not only cultures The great thing about the United States is that we are allowed to be who we are where many other countries only allow one religion or one belief. It is also important to demonstrate diversity and acceptance here in the United

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