Defining Needs Assessment

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Defining Needs Assessment Sherry Liezl Crowe MGT430 A01: Training & Development Instructor: Edgar Arnold Argosy University May 21, 2014 Defining Needs Assessment First we need to define what needs assessment means. According to, n.d., it is a systematic identification of a population’s needs or the assessment of individuals to determine the proper level of services needed. According to Raymond Noe, 2009, it is the process used to determine if training is necessary; the first step in the Instructional System Design model (Noe 555-556). There are three levels of a needs assessment. They are individual assessment, organizational assessment, and occupational assessment. Individual assessment is the assessment of the person that is being trained. Every individual will have different skills, knowledge, and competencies, so they would have to be trained in different ways. Organizational assessment is the assessment of the organization. Even with organizations, the assessment would be different for the different types of organizations. These organizations would have to determine what kind of training they would need to implement based on what kind of company they are running. For example, Vons does their training based on the different departments in the store. Being that there are different departments in the store, there would be different kinds of training for each individual. They only same training there would be, would be on sexual harassment, company policies, etc. Occupational assessment is an assessment on the type of occupation an employee has. The training that would be involved with this depends on what type of job it is. With the employment that I am in (deli department), the training that I received was just on the deli department. A needs assessment should address the following: knowledge, skills, and competencies.

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