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Defining moment Essay

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Defining Moment
My dad was the kind of guy that wanted things done his way or no way or no way. I guess you could say he looks like a pretty intimidating person. Short in stature with a go tee, always has that serious look on his face. And boy you would know when he was mad. He would do this thing with mouth that kind of made him look like a fish because his lips would stick out and his cheeks would go in. OH! And let me tell you! If his arms were crossed and tapping his foot, that’s when you would know he really meant business. My dad always has had this sort of temper anger problem going on. It was never to the extent of him getting so mad he would physically hurt me or my mom but verbally it was pretty bad and the actions he would do showed that he did have a problem.   My mom is more of the calm passive type of person.   Normally just sat back and didn’t want much confrontation. She was always so comforting and knew just what to say. I guess you can just say she was complete opposite of my dad.
When my dad and my mom were married it wasn’t too often they were loving and smiley. Thinking of my parents together always brings thoughts of fights and yelling. Being a kid and growing up with that around most of my life I just thought that was pretty much a normal relationship. I remember quite vividly one of the fights my parents got into matter of fact it was the last fight they got into. I was sitting in the living room watching TV when I heard my parents bickering. Didn’t think too much of it just thought it was another day another argument. But things got a little more intense this time. I could tell because the way my mom’s tone of voice was. She sounded really scared and I didn’t like that at all so I went to check what was going on. I could tell my dad was really mad by the look on his face, it was the fish looking face and he was pacing back and forth. The next thing I know is a phone is being thrown across the hallway into the wall making a hole about 6...

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