Defining Moment Essay

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Everyone has a moment in life where something changes them forever. For me it started in the 3rd grade, when I moved to Lake Stevens. I don’t remember how exactly we became friends, but I am glad we did. I’ve known her since my first day at Highland Elementary. She has helped me come out of my depression. Her name is Mandy, and she has given me more hope than I would have ever thought of. Just by helping me out when I need it most, and giving me good advice. Before I was friends with Mandy, I remember not having many friends at all. I would push people away, or I wouldn’t let them get close enough to become a friend. Don’t get me wrong though, It’s not because I don’t like you, it’s because I have just always felt lonely. I have always wanted people to like me, but I felt like if I talked, I would only make things worse. I didn’t realize that if I had spoken, things would be much better off for me. I don’t know why I was so shy, but it got so bad I began to hate school and everyone in it. Sometimes I would cry when I got home because of how I felt. One of my friends had me talk to my counselor, but that only made it worse. It felt like everyone though I was a freak. Unfortunately, the one friend that I had was not enough. I was still extremely antisocial and lonely. At the time, my focus was on going home from school to watch TV. That way I didn’t have to deal with my classes; I hated them all. I also didn’t have any goals set to keep myself busy. All I did was sat at home literally making myself depressed. I didn’t have any friends to help me either, so I wasn’t ever happy. I was alone in life and very confused. Then came Mandy, she gave me what I didn’t have. Including Friends, a new life, and happiness. She is what gave me hope in school, giving me the will to get my grades up. The next year was when I met her, she was also shy. We both were shy, and

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