Defining Happiness and Sadness

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As you grow older, you look back into your past in retrospective of the moments that were the happiest and saddest for you. For it defines what are of value to you, as a being -and so you will notice patterns of events; what constitute happiness and sadness for you. When I was a teenager, there are two happiest moment for me at that time. The first moment is the freedom to make my own actions. The second is to be on the rooftop and imagine many thrilling adventures in my life. As I progressed in my early 20s, there are four happiest moment for me at that time. First happiness for me was to be able to travel and create new adventures with people from various cultures and religion. Secondly happiness was for me to walk along the small streets in Europe and peek into the houses of others - their living rooms, their kitchens, their garden. These are for me, the essence of life; the everyday living in a house with the people you love, creating a life together with them as family or as a young couple.Thirdly happiness was for me to meet kind strangers at the most unanticipated situations - given a warm tea during a rainy day by a man who barely speaks English. Talking in French with much matured French ladies and men on the tram- to randomly seek each other out of the delight of curiosity. Fourthly happiness is for me to be in the nature, it may be sometimes alone, or to go for walks with the people that you care about. As I progress from my late 20s to early 30's, happiness changed from that defining moment of making sense of your being to that defining moment of close relation with another human being - the spiritual, mind and emotion relation to another human being. My happiest moment was to fall madly, and passionately in love in June 2007 - it is then that you recognize many emotions within you, passion, anger, poignant moment of sadness, helplessness,

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