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Defining God When defining if God is omnipotent, for me it is important to use the definition of omnipotence from the Bible rather than the definition humans have given it. God cannot do everything. He is unable to do anything that is contrary to what makes him Holy. Many people believe that because God for example cannot tell a lie, means he is not omnipotent because that would put limits on Him. I would disagree; it is not that He can do everything but that He has the ability to do whatever He sets out to do. My beliefs lies in what the Bible says and in its terms used to define God as omnipotent (Revelation 19:6). Omnipotence would not include anything that is logically impossible because ultimately that would mean He has the ability to fail, which is impossible. I do not always understand God’s ways but that does not cause me to question His omnipotence. God only has the abilities that do not go against His nature. So many things that God does with is power is beyond our human comprehension but ultimately it is all for His plans to be fulfilled. For example, I believe that during this time on earth Satan has control but that is not his doing, he only has control because God has given him that power (Luke 4:6). Something I will never understand, but I do believe God has all authority over him so He ultimately reigns. At any moment, he can take that control away from Satan. He is all-powerful we just do not understand His ways and what the bigger picture looks like. For God to be omnipotent anything has to be possible with him and the bible clearly states, “With God all things are possible” (Matthew 19:26). We can never fully understand or appreciate God’s greatness. God is in ultimate control and as much as we may want to and try to, we can never control Him. God being omniscient means that nothing can be hidden from God’s knowledge. Not only does God know

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