Defining Behavior Essay

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Samantha McAdoo Defining Behavior September 25, 2012 Grand Canyon University When it comes to education, the words discipline and management, and behavior and management are interchanged. But these educational terms each have a different definition and thus cannot be interchanged. Looking at the first set of words discipline and management, though they are similar they still have distinct differences between them. Webster’s defines discipline as “to punish or penalize in order to train and control; correct; chastise”, and management as “the act or manner of managing; handling, direction, or control” (websters). These two terms relate in that they are a way to control people, and in the case of education they would be children. To be able to be a good teacher you must be a good manager, which is done through discipline. Without the skills of leading others discipline will not be possible. Children need someone to manage and teach them right and wrong, which is done through both positive and negative reinforcements. Discipline is more than just putting a student in timeout when they do something wrong it is also giving them a reward when they do something good. If all the student sees is a negative consequence he will not see the benefit of working hard and doing well. The second set of words; behavior and misbehavior both deal with how a student acts. Webster’s defines behavior as the “manner of behaving” and misbehavior as “ improper behavior” , (websters). Behavior is how someone acts be it good or bad. In education we have expectations for behavior and set rules along with consequences to help students act accordingly. When a student does not show that wanted behavior by misbehaving they must have a negative consequence such as a loss of recess. Behavior is something that is learned, we must teach children how to behave which is don’t not only by
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