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Define the term duty of care. Duty of care is the responsibility of a person. Taking care of someone that is too young, old or incapable of doing it themselves this may include, a person’s hygiene, safety, meals, transportation, and other medical or physical needs. Describe how the duty of care affects own work role. To always act in the best interest of my clients and their needs. A health care assistant has a duty of care towards themselves the clients and also their colleagues. As a HCA I should • Keep my knowledge and kills up to date. • To keep any records I make as accurate as possible. • To know what must be done to make any job as safe as possible. If I have any concerns about the client’s needs, colleagues I would need to make these concern known. Describe dilemmas that may arise between duty of care and…show more content…
Reflecting on a situation you could think about:- • Identifying personal issues and learning from the experience. • Knowing my personal intentions. • Recognizing my own values and beliefs. • Creating new options for future behavior. Describe how feedback from others has developed own knowledge, skills and understanding. From listening to feedback off others information usually sinks in better as you think someone else has noticed it. Either if it’s about our skills, behavior or our values and how we relate to others we may take not of what they say and do better from the information given or just think you’re being told off and take no notice. Define the tern personal development plan. A personal development plan is something that holds information such as objectives and how they need to be met. Development, activities and timescales for all of this to be followed. Identify who could be involved in the personal development plan process. People who can be involved in a personal development plan will be:- • Other professionals •

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