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Definition of Personality Introduction On daily basis humans come in contact with different individuals personalities of other individuals whom live in society. This is a part of life that many individuals in society do not realize. There have been many studies and research that has been conducted on what is personality. These different researches and studies on personality can be on the development of theories that can explain, why and how different personality traits are created by peoples. A few of the characteristics on personality are multiple expressions, physiological, psychological, consistency, and it also impacts actions and the behavior of an individual. Definition of Personality There are no single definition is acceptable to all personality theorists, but according to Feist and Feist personality is relative traits that are permanent and an individual has unique characteristics, that give bot individuality and consistency on how an individual behave.( Feist and Feist 2009). The personality traits of an individual are related to how an individual behavior is over a period of time. Also on how an individual’s psychological and mental condition are after an individual has made a change in life to improve his or her personality. The characteristics are the positive and negative qualities that an individual has, such as physique, intelligence and temperament (Feist and Feist, 2009). Are there differing definitions of personality? Gordon Allport theory on personality traits he explain the definition of personality into three categories. (1) Cardinal traits which dominate a person for the rest of his or her life, to the point that an individuals is known for this type of personality trait from other individuals. (2) Central Traits which are the characteristics of an individual that form the foundation of an individual personality. An individual with a

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