Deficient Performance Essay

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Introduction-Problem: The present employee Mary Jane was employed for the position of a pharmacist on January 20, 2005. Her professional performance has been better then just satisfactory, without any serious complaints from the side of the clients for the first six-month of her work. Miss Jane has lately been using her working time for taking care of issues, which have no relation to the specifics of her work. This primarily concerns the usage of the telephone line. The amount of incoming calls for Ms. Jane has significantly grown. This fact prevents Ms. Jane from performing her working duties on the required level. It distracts Ms. Jane from her direct work, which requires special attention and centrality. I have personally repeatedly witnessed Ms. Jane talking on the phone during her working hours in August. After an informal talk nothing changed. The fact of Ms. Jane’s unprofessional behavior has been especially witnesses by Mr. Jacobs, the company’s part-time pharmacist’s assistant. According to his words, on the duration of the second working week of September (lasting from the 5th till the 11th), Ms. Jane has spend 40% of her working time on the telephone discussing matters without any relation to her work as a pharmacist. Mr. Jacob also confirmed the fact that on September 7, Ms. Jane received a telephone call, which lasted for at least an hour. Mr. Jacobs has also personally answered the telephone and the calls were often personal calls directed to Ms. Jane. Ms. Jane has been using the working telephone line for solving her personal issues leaving all the working routine of the assistant. Problem results in: The productivity of Ms. Jane’s work has noticeably decreased in comparison with her previous results. Ms. Jane’s calls interrupt the workflow and therefore influence the competitiveness of the company making it weaker. The company respects the
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