Defiance Essay

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Defiance is used in every single part of the world, and takes a huge role in society. Although defiance can be considered a bad thing it is proven to be helpful and there for something good. The definition of defiance according to the dictionary is, “a daring or bold resistance to authority or to any opposing force.” it is also, “a challenge or a contest.” Defiant acts aren’t always illegal Structural Functionalism attributes defiance to the dimensions of social bonds with a group or institution. Social integration is the attachment to groups and institutions. Defiance is broken down into different categories. Such as altruism which is the category that integrated people fall into. While egoism is the group un integrated people fall into. Defiance depends on the extremes of the dimensions from the social bonds. Most common example used with this outlook on defiance is suicide. There are three forms of suicide that can happen from these dimensions. There is suicide from self interest and norms of society. Also death for the good of the group such as someone sacrificing their body to become a human bomb. Lastly suicide from not fitting in or lack of ties to one’s group. Social Conflict is a theory that states society functions so each individual participating struggles to better their benefits. Social Conflict is based on the idea that the main causes of crimes are from the social and economic forces. An example of this would be white-collar crimes. White collar crimes are, “illegal actions of a corporation or people acting on its behave.” An example could be credit card fraud or possibly even identity fraud. There is even occupational crime, organizational crime and many more. Symbolic Interaction considers defiance to come from the individual who learns this defiant behavior. For instance a person may have grown up
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