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Defensiveness I: Opening Prayer II: Definition and Examples A. Can someone provide the definition of defensiveness? B. Tell me a time when you have been defensive. What were the outcomes? II: Recognizing Defensiveness A. We are all equipped with physical defense mechanisms in our bodies. B. God expects us to use them under appropriate circumstances. a. What would be the circumstances? i. Answer: Our deliverance and his glory. C. Do you believe physical self-defense is appropriate? a. How is this world promoting self-defense? b. Why do we need to have the tools to defend ourselves? D. We know Jesus says to “turn the other cheek” doesn’t he? a. This statement is not meant to make us vulnerable to predators. b. Eugene mentions that it is mean to instruct us to be humble of heart so we are not stumbling blocks to unbelievers. c. Self defense is a legitimate action. III: Defensiveness Produces Resentment toward Others A. Think of a time when someone said something to you, or asked something of you, and you became defensive. How did your relationship change with that person at that moment? B. Resentment works harm in interpersonal relationships. a. It causes people to question you and/or your actions and/or words. b. Resentment stumbles growth. i. Improvement can not be made in what your attempting to accomplish. ii. Changes or corrections will always be questioned and resisted. C. Defensiveness and credibility. a. Can defensiveness cause questionable credibility? i. Can you provide examples? b. How can defensiveness help your credibility? IV: Defensiveness Produces an Abundance of Excuses A. Let’s open our bibles to Genesis 3:12 a. When approached by God Adam became defensive didn’t he? How did he respond? i. ‘The woman you put here with me—she gave me some fruit from the tree and I

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