Defense of a Traditional Marriage

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Defense of Traditional Marriage The argument I chose to analyze and support is the defense of traditional marriages. Anthropologists define marriages as, the established form of marriage recognized the one’s country or social group. As traditional marriages are marriages between a man and a woman or a marriage of the opposite sex. For many years there has been a great deal of political and religious unrest of the constitutionality of government policies regarding traditional marriages vs. same sex or biologically the same gender marriages. One could certainly argue or propose, why is there is there so much controversy? Isn’t it just an issue of a matter of preference in a relationship? As many liberal activists provide a great deal of inductive support and premises regarding personal gender preferences, and why do we put forth so much effort supporting or disputing their premises. The argument is undoubtable concrete. Male and females complement each other anatomically, and as Ryan T. Anderson elaborated, the “biological fact that reproduction depends on a man and a woman,” (Anderson, 2013). If desired, traditional marriages support reproduction of families, children, and communities, whereas same sex marriages are not able to produce offspring for future generations. Without traditional marriages, fundamental building blocks of human civilization and community networks and children would be lost forever. Social and political liberal activists are putting forth arguments to change traditional marriage laws. As same sex marriages are certainly capable of providing loving relationships and family unity. However, Americans respect marriage as key components, critical elements of society and therefore, the building blocks of human civilizations. Community infrastructures are comprised by same sex marriages. As marriages between a man and a woman are
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