Defense Mechanisms And My Life Essay

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Defense mechanisms are a crucial part of one’s life. They are caused by one’s anxiety, as they are the ways in which one combats anxiety. In my own day, I use many defense mechanisms, because they assist me with my own anxiety. Namely, I use denial, repression, rationalization, displacement, and intellectualization. Of these five, I rely on repression the most. These mechanisms have both hindered and helped me in the past, but mostly, they do in fact help me out in my daily life. Denial is when one simply does not acknowledge what is causing one’s anxiety. In my daily life, denial typically happens when I am stepping into and driving my car in the morning. I first check the time when I get into my car. “It can’t really be that late,” I tell myself, as I am in a rush to work. On the highway going to work, I do not admit to myself that I am actually going as fast as I really am. It is truly amazing how little I trust my speedometer when I am on the highway; 80 turns into 65 about five times a day. I also exhibit denial when I am checking on the gas gage. I often, in retrospect, refuse to believe that I have such little gas in my tank. When the red light comes on in my Camry, it means that I have about twenty miles. I know this; it’s in the manual. Nevertheless, when the red light comes on, I figure I have more gas than I really do. I have no rational reason to believe that I have more gas than the light indicates, yet I still feel that do. Ultimately, denial hinders my daily life because it gives me no rational or practical reason to believe certain things, yet I still do. Repression is removing aspects of your anxiety from your present awareness. It is not, like denial, denying that a source of anxiety exists, but rather pushing it out of your mind. While at work, if I mess up the order for a table that I am working, I do not dwell on it. Such dwelling would cause

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