Defense Mechanisms Essay

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Freud: Defense Mechanisms An event in my life that was psychologically painful was when my dad moved away to Minnesota. This memory is hard to think about but I recall it surprisingly well. When the event occurred I put myself in solitude and would not talk about it with anyone. I tried to repress the memory but I still remember the day so vividly. My dad and sister picked me up from school and embarrassed me in front of my friends in the parking lot. We left school and drove to Clearwater Beach. We relaxed in the sun for a while and played in the water. When we went to the car to drop off our things and go to dinner we realized my dad locked the keys in the trunk. Unfortunately 2010 Mustangs don’t have a trunk release button so even when we broke into the front seat we couldn’t access the keys. Luckily the fire department is right next to where we parked so they came over and pried the back seat out so we could get into the trunk. After that whole fiasco we wanted to go to dinner at our favorite restaurant Palm Pavilion. My dad wanted to listen to live music though and they were not playing any at the Palm so we went next door to our second favorite restaurant Frenchies. We ate dinner and listened to music. I remember feeling upset that my dad’s girlfriend and my aunt had come along. I wanted to spend my dad’s last night with him and my sister only. I can recall a specific incident at dinner where the person sitting next to us spilled soup all over herself. We were laughing so hard at her and she got upset but we didn’t even care. After dinner we walked down Pier Sixty and got ice cream. I got key lime pie flavor and as I was walking down the pier a seagull tried to steal it. It was such a good last night with my dad before he moved away to Minnesota. Recalling this event made me realize how selfish I was about spending time with my dad. I liked to spend time

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