Defense Mechanisms Essay

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Defense Mechanisms Most often, the term personality is used to describe a person’s public image; it is the integral part of the individual that characterizes his thoughts and actions. Theory on the other hand can be viewed as a collection of abstract thoughts. Many theorists have put forth different definitions and understanding of the term personality, and even though there might be different viewpoints as far as definitions are concerned, the usefulness of the theories is not eroded nevertheless (Barbara, 2008). Sigmund Freud gives a vivid description of several factors that greatly help in understanding the personality. He explains how the Ego in an organism invokes mechanisms to cope with a conflict between the Id, the Ego and the Super ego. These defense mechanisms are used by the organism to fend off frightening thoughts and anxiety (Boeree, 2006). The defense mechanisms explained by Sigmund include Reaction Formation, Denial, and Rationalization among others. Reaction Formation is a situation when we want to react in a certain way and end up reacting in a manner that’s exactly the opposite of intended reaction. It is an undertaking by an individual to cover up behavior or acts that are deemed unpopular. In my view, it is a defense against either perceived or real repercussions of the intended reaction. There was a time, when I was having fun out with my pals, and out of curiosity decided to indulge in a drink. Knowing that back at home drinking alcohol was not acceptable, I was cautious enough not to return home in my drunken state. I spent the night at a friend’s house and went home fresh the following day. After some time during family dinner, I commented that drinking of alcohol was not wise, even though I found nothing wrong with it. This was out of fear of being verbally reprimanded if I had argued that I found nothing wrong with drinking. Denial

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