Defense Mechanisms Essay

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People use defense mechanisms so much that sometimes it is difficult to pick out individual cases to deal with. Everybody Hates Chris is a comedy show created by Chris Rock that shares his teenage experiences. The episode I watched was mainly about Chris and Tasha. Chris is the center of this television show and Tasha is the new girl on the block. In this episode Chris is shocked when Tasha agrees to be his girlfriend. Throughout the episode every one in Chris' neighborhood and school are shocked about the news they heard about him and Tasha. They are even shocked that Chris and Tasha know eachother. Also in this episode Chris' parents in the show Rochelle finds out that her husband Julius was married before and he had never gotten a legal divorce. In this episode Tasha displays the defense mechanism of denial. Denial is the refusal to accept reality because it might be threatening or an easier way for me to understand and remember is that denial is denying the reality of the experience and pretending it is not there. Others may also have a difficult time to admit the truth. Chris is from a working class community in Brooklyn and attends an all-white school where students and teachers pick on him. He lives his whole life like the whole world is against him. Tasha is the new girl on the block and I noticed that in this episode she was trying to get alot of attention from Chris and the neighbors. Tasha finds it difficult to just admit her true feelings about Chris and practices this mechanism by acting like she isn't attracted to Chris by giving him uncomfortable looks whenever she sees

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