Defending Your Life

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“Defending Your Life” Fear is a significant reality in the workforce. It is not the basic fear of losing one’s job. It is the type of fear driven by the knowledge that one’s performance will be judged by the highest standards and that failure to meet a high level of achievement will not be tolerated for long. This type of fear can affect our decision making and the ability to motivate others. According to Denhardt (2009), participation influence motivation and for this, managers have to have complete trust and confidence in their employees. Fear restricts the ability to trust others consequently, making it difficult to allow others to participate in the decision-making of the organization. Leaders must inspire emotions in order to persuade people to give their best. Employees need to be empowered to have autonomy to act on their own. An effective leadership behavior depends on the leader’s nature and the challenges he faces. A good leader knows that to find success one has to be prepared to go out of his or her comfort zone trusting his or her own judgment. In The 1991 comedy “Defending Your Life,” starring Albert Brooks and Meryl Streep, people must demonstrate how they have shown courage during challenging situations to defend their lives and continue to the next level in the universe. Daniel has a lot of fear and too much fear can cause harsh decision-making and lose a lot of opportunities. For example, Daniel lost the opportunity to make a lot of money investing but he had the fear of failure. Opportunities only hit once. Authentic leadership deals with surprises, describes the unknown, predicts the unpredictable, organizes turmoil, speaks powerfully and with authority, thinks short and long term and stays positive and calm while everyone else might be going insane. A person with too much fear does not do any of the above and as a result he or she lacks the

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