Defending Literary Criticism

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Defending Literary Criticism Literary Criticism is a very important aspect of every language and should be studied. By studying literary criticism people understand that if words are lacking in meaning and usage, then the people who read them, will not benefit; rather, they will be to the detriment of those who read and use them. Literary criticism will help us understand how words work and appreciate different writing styles, essays, plays, poems, cultures, societies and also understand life in general. How does the understanding of words or the lack thereof affect people? People are affected by words in much the same way as they are affected by the weather, and if words are smashed and deprived of their real meaning, or if people read a piece of work and cannot understand it, then society cannot change for the better and most likely will turn for the worse (Yan). That means that if society continues to use words but cannot understand them or end up altering their real meaning, then, instead of society prospering, we, as a society will continue to go down hill until we are taught the real meaning of words or can decipher their true meaning. Literary criticism will help people understand life much better through writing styles, essays, poems, plays and other bodies of art. A lot of literary work is based on real life issues. Plays, poems, essays and much more are based on people’s experience. They are also a reflection of people’s emotions, thoughts, feelings and also the environments in which they find themselves. This is because for a writer to write plays, poems or essays, they need to actually be able to get some facts from the real world before they can write about it in a more poetic way. As a result when other people read these works and understand them, they are able to relate to the characters, the lessons, the experience and desires expressed in
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