Defeat On Lake Erie

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Sailing under the command of Commander Robert Barclay and his flagship, HMS Detroit, the British crew sailed valiantly across the great Lake Erie into battle. Their opponent to be was Oliver Hazard Perry of the United States Navy. Although bravely fought, the British crew faced insurmountable odds. The British lost the battle of Lake Erie because they were outgunned, poorly trained on inadequate ships all with the wind against their favor. Losing the battle also meant that they would loose all hopes of supremacy on Lake Erie. Private journal on Commander Robert Barclay R.N. March 1813 Well it finally happened. I was in Bermuda when the orders came from Admiral John Borlase Warren to travel to Kingston, Upper Canada. Once there I will take charge as senior officer for the Royal Navy on the northern lakes. The position is only temporary, but it’s a step in the right direction. At least I’ll be made Commander for it. We leave for Kingston tomorrow morning. (Malcomson 23) May 15, 1813 My position as senior office officially ended with the arrival of Commodore Sir James Lucas Yeo. (Malcomson 29) He is a fine sailor with an outstanding background. Last week of May I have been ordered by Commodore Yeo to take charge of the Lake Erie establishment. My trip would take about a week. I knew what I would see there would be a sight that I would not like. May 30, 1813 Upon my arrival at Long Point, a main supply depot, I got a look at the ships under my command. I took control of the Lady Prevost, deeming it to be a fine, strong vessel. The other ships did not impress me much. The crews of these ships were not much better. Only about ten are able seamen while the rest are worthless as of now. All are Canadians with a few exceptions and a few do not even speak English. It is my intention to write to Commodore Yeo stating that the Squadron of Lake Erie is not as well

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