Deer in our backyard

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Deer in our backyard Wildlife conservation is so important because it give people the most beautiful gift that Mother Nature provides to us. Due to deforestation and new neighborhood development, creatures like deer are left with very little places to live in. Most deer now live in people’s backyard and this can be very dangerous for various reasons. Some of the reasons are collision between vehicles and deer, diseases that deer carries, danger in poachers around the neighbor and destroying the vegetation. I do not believe that wild animals should be allowed to live close to our neighborhoods. Deer living close to our neighborhood have a lot of bad consequences like injuries and death of humans due to collision between vehicle and deer. Some of my friends have had close encounters with deer that almost cost their lives. Last week one of my friends had an encounter with a deer on Lindbergh that could have easily caused an accident. Although this is highly populated area, we usually see deer trying to cross a street and grazing in the backyard. If one is not paying attention to what they are doing, one could easily get involved in an accident. A number of people are injured and more killed each year as a result of car accidents involving deer. With a reduced number of deer, surely some human lives will be saved in car and deer accidents. Repairs on vehicles involved in collision with deer cost thousands and also cause an increase in insurance premium. Another problem that deer cause by living in our neighborhood is the diseases they carry. Deer are an important host to the ticks that transmit Lyme disease. Lyme disease is an illness carried by deer and transmitted to humans by ticks that can cause life-long problems. During my long career in the nursing field, I have seen a number people affected each year by painful Lyme disease. Lyme disease can cause

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