Deepwater Horizon Prevention Essay

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The disaster of this magnitude do not happen for one reason only and the accident happened on the Deepwater Horizon was also the result of a chain of events. Many type of questions were aroused, what was the cause of the accident, is the human factor blame for what happened, how the accident could have been prevented, who should have done what, when, where, and why? Spontaneous gushing undersea wells happens all the time, only in the Gulf of Mexico from 1980 to 2008, noted 173 cases, but still no such emission did not happen in deep water. In fact, neither BP, nor his competitors did not have such a case no "proven equipment" or "specially developed techniques" - generally no safety plan in anticipation of a catastrophic accident at great depths. It would be better if in the construction of an oil platform have been used more trusted parts for example the liner. The disaster at the Deepwater Horizon - not only large-scale oil spill, which turned out to be the culprit company BP. In 2007, BP Products North America paid as a fine of more than $ 60 million for violating federal laws on environmental protection in the territory of Texas and Alaska. The list of these violations and the largest spill in 2006 on North Slope (1000 tonnes of crude oil), when the reason was the unwillingness of the company to take adequate measures to protect the pipeline from corrosion. It is obvious that the company relate to safety with frivolous responsibility and negligence. In this tragedy, at least three companies are blame: BP (operator of the project), Transocean (owner of the platform) and Halliburton (engaged cemented emergency wells). Jesse Gagliano from Halliburton company informed the management that the BP for safe cementing need to use 21 centralizers, but despite the risks BP decided to use six centralizers. This was a total error, as by pouring cement pipe must be

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