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Eduardo Rosas Psychology 130 9/25/13 Opposite Sex or Not On November 5, 1994 I was born to a single mother. My mother came from a very traditional Mexican family and to them having a child outside of matrimony is something they looked down upon. They believed there was only one way a family could be structured. There had to be a father who as head of the family it was his duty to provide and protect for both his wife and his children. Then there is the mother who wasn’t allowed to work. She had to stay at home and tend to the house and the children. The man in my mother’s life ran out on her before I was born so she wasn’t able to structure a family the way her parents wanted. My mother however is a kickass woman who didn’t care what her family or anyone else for that matter thought about her and she went ahead and gave birth to me. When I was born she took on the full role overload and became both my mother and father. She didn’t follow the dual track that her parents had introduced her to but instead this lady chose the androgynous track. She became a working mother who provided and protected but at the same time was still able to be a loving and nurturing mother. She played the role of both the parents in the dual-track, the males’ and the females’ and to be honest I think she did a great job. The androgynous track gave my mother a choice, a sense of fulfillment, and allowed her to discover who she really was and what she was capable of, identity achievement. If my mother would’ve followed the dual track she wouldn’t have been able to gather a full-plate filled with both pink and blue characteristics. Instead her identity would have been foreclosed by the limits she would have been faced with. For example not being able to work. This woman’s androgyny was magnified by the role latitude she had. I would be very difficult to find a man with as much role

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