Dedication Modesty And Homage Essay

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Carolina Del Rio National Honor Society Dedication, modesty, and homage are three commonly obscured words, which behold the greatest values that I hold dear. They are the foundations to my life and have fiercely assisted in the cultivation of my present and future success. These three words require much diligence, proficiency, and reverence; these challenges, however, have become part of my world. With years of experience, I have learned how to cope and ultimately embrace them. One of my greatest triumphs is my superlative achievements as a student. My desire and need to be successful invigorates me to illustrate extreme dedication to acquiring a prosperous education. My inspiration has aided in transforming me and composing me into the young adult I am today. The countless adversities I have had to face has allowed me to mature and develop a growing sense of independence as both a youthful scholar and a person. Additionally, it has given me the tools that are key to a future brimming with bliss and stability. Another of my best accomplishments is the humbling, endearing experience of volunteering in a small, public, elementary school known as Kensington Elementary. I was deeply moved by the school children who congenially reached out to me with open arms and wide open hearts; their overwhelming friendliness struck me as peculiar being that I had just met these children. By the same hand, I had never felt so inferior because they constantly thanked me for the smallest things; these ranged from my visitation to tying one child's shoe to "making them feel special and important." What had begun as a simple need for volunteer hours ended bringing me down to my knees in sheer amazement at the intimate encounter. Through this I learned the value of modesty. It allowed me to open my eyes and see the once diminutive details of the world; it also allowed me to give

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