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1 December 2014 Dedication Many words in the English language have a variety of meaning, and dedication is one of these words. Dedication can play a role in all aspects of life: dedication to sports, to academic careers, to religion, to achieve dreams and so much more. Speaking of dedication seems something easy and not complex, but dedication supports a different meaning to each person who hears it, placing a simple definition upon a word becomes difficult sometimes. Defined in many English dictionaries and known by many people across the world, the definition of dedication goes further than a couple words typed on a piece of paper. Even though the word becomes complex, dedication can be defined if seen inside of each aspect of life. Initially when defining dedication, the main subject can be a mother doing the best and seeking for opportunities because she is dedicated to her family; she just wants a better life for her children, not just fame and money. Another simple example could be cashiers, doing their best for the store and working harder than the other cashiers; the hard working cashiers are dedicated not for money, but for the simple matter of values. Dedication relies on personal values. Moreover, being surrounded by the best players, coaches and staff, athletes strive to be the best they can physically be, but dedication plays a key role in making the difference between being the better and being the best. Michael Jordan, for example, was cut from his high school basketball team, but with dedication, he worked hard and ended up playing in the NBA. Jordan would stay after practice, play on the weekends, and work in the off-season striving to get better. He had the dedication to make 1000 jumpers a day, becoming the best to ever play the game. The best athletes in the world have an incredible amount of dedication, for it is not easy, but being

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