Dedication Essay

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Kelli Ann Wright showed me what dedication really is like. Kelli and I did gymnastics together for years. Our seventh grade year a truck hit their family car head on. The damage was unbearable, her brother Josh was killed and her legs ruined. Both of her knees were crushed into the dash. Suddenly Kelli could not do the one thing she loved the most. After her surgery, there was still more a long recovery. Months of physical therapy were they told Kelli that she would never be able to compete in gymnastics again. Her world was crashing around her all over. She was depressed, and wished that Josh would have lived instead of her. Soon she realized that it was God’s will and that josh would not want to see her like that. She thought and prayed about it. Then, she got the courage and went to the gymnasium. She warmed up with the team, but she could not tumble just yet. Kelli went back to the gym every day, stronger and more determined than ever. A month went by, Kelli walked into the training area. I was stretching in the corner, but I stopped. Looked up at Kelli as she climb unto the balance beam. At first she just sat there, then she began to walk. The other girls and I walked towards her. And without a single word, and did a double layout. She may not have stuck the landing., but to Kelli it was perfect. Through all of her hard work and dedication Kelli was able to compete in gymnastics once

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