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Thinking Critically Simulation Review Learning Team A: Courtney Klima, David Rosenblum, Eduardo Garcia, Eli Blandin, Janice Swogger, Maria Blanco MGT 350 Timothy Riney June 04, 2012 Using a simulation to help make and evaluate critical decisions made by a manger is a useful tool in determining if the decisions are going to be effective. Learning Team A participated in taking a simulation to discover if each member would be ready to be a manager of an electronics store, in charge of making these critical decisions. Upon completing the simulation, the results were discussed and compared among the team members. The differences that were discovered between what the simulation was recommending and what decisions the team would make were surprising at time. Team “A”, Courtney Klima, David Rosenblum, Eduardo Garcia, Eli Blandin, Janice Swogger and Maria Blanco all participated in a discussion after reviewing the, “Critical Thinking Simulation”. Although Team A did have similar outcomes after taking the critical thinking simulation, not all of us scored the same on the two different challenges that were given to us. Team A also felt that the,” Critical Thinking Simulation” was challenging and overwhelming when initially they thought it looked quite straight forward. During the simulation, most of the team felt there were a lot of hidden components that were overlooked. Most of us were trying to read what was in front of us and not really looking at the whole picture, including the hidden information that would have helped us see the whole picture and not just the surface of the problems in front of us. Overall, each team member felt they did okay but not the best manager for the job since their competitors scored better than they did. Finally, the team felt if they would have looked at the whole picture, they would have scored better and possibly even

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