Decriminalizing Drugs Essay

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Decriminalize Drugs? Drugs have come a long way, ever since man has existed. The topic of legalizing drugs or decriminalizing in California is a sensitive topic, such that people are for and against. There is a lot of pros along with cons. Pros, it can influence the economy by taxing it and generate billions; the con, no one could tell or know what society would react to such outcomes. For example, crime could possibly raise a lot more drug addicts on the streets, end result potential harm for young children. The world needs a change maybe not decriminalizing drugs or make them legal, the sentencing of possession should change to putting addicts into treatments/therapy. In other words they have a choice, jail time or therapy? Legalizing drugs in the state of California would help economy wise. Legalizing marijuana alone they estimate $40 billion to $110 billion, not that those numbers are correct there an estimate based on the responders that take surveys on how honest they are, determines the number. Legalizing marijuana is like deviant behavior not everyone sees it the same or have the same meaning and understanding. For instance, one that has never used marijuana would have a poor judgment on the illicit drug, as for, someone that has used it would think otherwise. The part where it really keeps me interested and tuned in to see where the State of California goes is what drugs to legalize/decriminalize makes an effect not only in the economy but in society. And reality alcohol is the most abused substance and the U.S. and it only taxed $8 billion. The problem is the total cost to the U.S. in 2008 due to alcohol-related problems was $185 billion. So yes it can bring revenue in to the state and marijuana may not be like alcohol or the creation of destruction like alcohol. Which European country has the most liberal drug laws? And it’s not the Netherlands.
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