Decreasing House Prices In China Essay

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Name Of University: James Cook University Course Title: MBA Module Title: LB5214 Current Business Issue Title of Report : The Impact Of The Decreasing House Price On Xinxing Construction Pte Ltd Name Of Student : Zhang Yan Student ID : 12657611 Name Of Lecturer : Chua Chong Hock Letter of Transmittal Date: 12th December 2011 To, Mr. Zhang CEO of Xinxing construction Pte Ltd Respected Mr. Zhang, This report analyzes the impact of the decreasing house price on our company now and its future trend as you required. It is undeniable that price of the houses is decreasing and has a trend to continue to go down. It will be a great challenge to the sustainability of our company. This report describes the current change of house price and predicts its future trend, analyze the reasons of it, pays attention to the impact to our company and puts forward some strategies to address the issues faced by our company in the near future. I sincerely thank you for providing me the opportunity to explore this topic. I hope that my report will be helpful for decisions making and contribute to the development of our company. Please do revert back to me in case of any questions. Yours sincerely, Zhang Yan EXECUTIVE SUMMATY Construction industry plays an essential role in the economic development of a country. For China, it is construction that supports the whole country. As a result, whether the house market is growing up healthily will not only influence the whole country but also will also affect the world. In recent years, house prices have increased dramatically which bring numerous profits to the construction companies. However, it also caused the concern of the government. In order to avoid the collapse of the housing bubble like what happened

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