Deconstruction Of Women Stereotypes In Dickens

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Charles John Huffin Dickens is an English novelist. He is considered one of the greatest novelists of Victorian period.Dickens’ work has been highly appreciated for its realism , mastery of prose and concern for social reform by writers such as Leo Tolstoy , George Gissing and G. novelists of Victorian rton. Moreover, one of the greatest characteristics of Dickens’ work is the deconstruction of women stereotypes. Although , he is accused of portraying stereotyped characters of women , yet his many works negate this idea. His novel , A Tale of Two Cities, can be refered in this regard. Women in literature have been given dull traits than mails. They mostly been portrayed as angelic , untouched , ignorant of worldly affairs ,passive ,cause of evil ,totally independent ,sacrificing ,foolish ,docile, a victim ,and unable to take any action. Susan Koppelman Cornillion states in her essay “ The Fiction of Fiction”: “women internalize the male idea of the feminine and create themselves in the shape of that idea (page,113). In a male society ,male literature has been created. Positive attributes or traits were given to men and less positive to women.According to D.Jill Savitt, “While male character have been given free reign to be what they like,even to fail if they choose, women characters have been written to play and replay the same the same themes limited as they are (par.,1) Dickens’ novel, A Tale of Two Cities, deconstruct many false assumptions about women in a patriarchal culturese or society. A
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