Declining Print Media Essay

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With American print in decline and the internet’s ease of finding information, many people will become misinformed by user submitted information. With internet sites like Wikipedia along with online forums and blogs the once audience is now sometimes calling themselves journalists while taking second or third hand accounts rather than first person interviews and eye witness accounts. Wikipedia is a prime example of what you should not turn to for the facts. Sites like Wikipedia let volunteers submit information about any subject or topic. On Wikipedia there is a place for contributors to cite their information if they want to, but it is not required to make a post. Anyone is also allowed to edit already posted material even if they are changing the correct information. Wikipedia is a large reason that many people go misinformed because they claim to be an encyclopedia. Blogs and forums are some other places audiences go to get the newest and most detailed answers to some of life’s problems. Blogs are controlled by one team or individual who is in control and others can read and leave messages or comments while forums are a group of individuals who are all equal and they can start topics of their liking where everyone can comment on those as well. Blogs and Forums can be informational but most of the time they are also showered with opinion. With both of these forms of media anyone can post up their opinion, how-to’s, or information for everyone to see and interpret in whichever way they see fit. With the decline in print media fewer newspapers and daily papers are being printed which is using less paper, less ink, and less electricity to run the machines and computers. In addition to helping out the environment, it also causes downsizing. Without the income of selling all the papers and companies placing fewer ads, newspaper companies are forced to lay off writers
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