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Declining Birth Rate/ Population Stagnation Essay

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  • on June 12, 2012
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ACE ATT 1 Part B (Group)
Theme: Governance and the nation-state

Issue/Challenge/Problem chosen: Declining Birth rate/ Population stagnation


Singapore has experienced a declining birth rate in recent years. In 2010, Singapore’s fertility rate hit a record low of 1.16. There are several causes. In our modern society, people choose to have late marriages, as they want to pursue higher levels of education, or not to marry at all.  They also prefer smaller families. The falling fertility rate negatively impacts Singapore’s economy and growth, as this might lead to population stagnation. With almost one million Singaporeans projected to be aged 65 and above in 2030, making up one-third of our local population, this creates new challenges for Singapore such as smaller workforce, smaller talent pool, and an ageing population. The government has implemented measures to solve this problem, such as implementing incentives for couples with more children, extending working life and encouraging financial planning.

Implications and effects of issue on Singapore:

Claim 1:
Population stagnation would cause an ageing population. With an ageing population, there will be a smaller workforce. With more elderly people and fewer youths joining the workforce, the burden on the working population increases and each working adult would have to pay more taxes to fund public projects such as necessary building public facilities.

Claim 2:
With more elderly people in the country, there might be a strain to the medical funds in the government as more funds and subsidies are needed to provide health-care to the elderly who usually suffer from more health problems due to their old age.

Evidence to support claim 1:
The labour force in Singapore has been decreasing in the recent years with the ageing population. In 2000, 1 elderly person was supported by 9.8 working persons. This will decrease to 3.5 working persons in 2030. Currently, we have 220 000 aged...

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