Decline of Han China and the Roman Empire

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The Roman Empire and Han China both went through major declines. The weak central government in both empires played a big role in their decline. Throughout their decline, religion remained as a continuity. However, because they each had different militaries, Rome was affected the most negatively. Invasions hit both empires hard. For Rome, rebellions in the Eastern part of the empire started riots all over the entire civilization, which caused a great amount of mayhem and chaos. Also, Rome fell directly to Germanic invaders. In China however, nomadic tribes similar to the Huns had actually invaded the empire. Way before these invasions though, the weak central government of both empires started the declines of these empires. This affected Rome because it meant that the military was not regulated and could do whatever it wanted, including bullying or beating citizens for money or other things that they might have wanted. For China, this meant that the citizens could do whatever they wanted to do because things such as crime were not regulated. Disease is another important factor in the declines. Throughout Asia and in China the spread of devastating epidemics may have killed up to half of the entire Chinese population. This led to 3 centuries of complete turmoil. In Rome there were many different plagues that had spread throughout the empire. These diseases were mainly caused by poverty. The citizens of Rome were driven to poverty due to tax collections and this meant that they were not even able to take care of themselves. There are also some differences involved with the decline of these empires. One difference is the military. The Roman military was very strong and it could do whatever it wanted. Because of this, the Roman military acted as the controller of the empire, instead of the actual government. The Chinese military however, was not as strong. This is what
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