Decline in Communal Living

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Communal life is the traditional way of living from which most people can benefit in any society. This form of living is very common in the pacific where most people are bound to be together with their culture and traditions. Despite this there has been a decline in communal life in the pacific where traditional ways of living are being forgotten today. The major reasons for the decline are in terms of cultural, social and economic. Firstly, there are cultural issues for the decline in the communal life in the Pacific which has two major aspects: a loss of culture and westernization. The decline in religious activities and customs that had previously tied almost all the people together has caused them to fall apart. For example, an Indian community in Fiji used to have religious gatherings known as Ramayan where the followers of Hindu religion would gather together for this special occasion but today this gathering has died out in most the places. Thus, a loss in culture, leading to a decline in communal living. Westernization is another related aspect of the cultural issues which is also one of the major reasons for the decline in the communal life. The lifestyle of the people in the pacific is strongly influenced by the western culture. For example, the insight of westernization via television, internet, telecommunication and migration has demolished the indigenous Pacific culture. Secondly, the social change also caused the decline in the communal life in the pacific which has two major components namely Urbanization and Migration. The growth of urbanization has influenced Pacific Islanders and disregard communal life. For example, people get employment and work in towns and even overseas where they are exposed to the world of civilization. The entertainments in urban areas are the major fascination that attracts people out of rural societies which ruins and
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