Decline in Communal Life in the Pacific

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Major reason for decline in communal life in the pacific Decline in communal life in Tonga and the Pacific is a result of changes brought about by social, political and economic changes due to more exposure to foreign influences transmitted through various means of communication namely or such as personal contacts digital availability ,televisions, radio, telephones and media prints such as newspaper and magazines Social changes have largely been influenced by foreign ideas that family construction in consist only of husband, wife and children. In direct opposition to our traditional Tongan family construction of not only husband, wife and children but also of the extended families structures such as grandparents, aunties and uncles In political spheres foreign influence attributes to many changes learnt mainly through formal education. Education introduces various or different ideas but mainly democracy and human rights .Communal life there is always a community leader such as nobles for the village and ulumotua for the family or the relations .In contrast to democratic ideas of majority rule. The introduction of money as a medium of exchange influences the traditional communal means of sharing natural resources such as fish and crops to support individual's daily needs. To acquire money brought about the ideas of business ventures where a business is a separate entity from it's proprietors .This idea means that daily needs are no longer looked after by the community as a whole but individual themselves In conclusion we understand with little doubt that foreign influences and ideas are the main contributors to the decline of communal life in Tonga and the Pacific
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