Declawing Essay

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Declawing Cats The purpose of this paper is to explain the different declawing methods and the alternative methods so that a person can make informed decision about whether or not to declaw their cat. There are many people who claim that it is inhumane and harmful to declaw a cat. Arguments against declawing include: cats can no longer climb trees without their claws, it causes the cat major pain, a declawed cat cannot catch prey and has lost their ability to defend themselves. These are just few of the conflicting viewpoints in declawing a cat. Cats and Their Natural Instincts Cats claws are an integral body part. They are like fingers and toes on humans. Claws are one of the basic tools for executing the daily activities of a cat’s life and also act as the first line of defense against enemies.(1) However cats can be destructive of furniture and wood work in a home. To understand why cats tend to claw furniture and wood work may help you understand them better. One reason is to sharpen their claws and the other is called “kneading” a behavior that is also called “milk-treading”. By kneading the cat is taken back to the good old days when they would knead at momma’s breast to make her milk come down. It is believed they only do this to people they really love. It is perfectly natural for a cat to claw and knead. (2) The Different Types of Methods Used There are several methods veterinarians use to remove the claws and they are explained as follows: The Clipper Method: This is the most common method. The third digit of the toe is cut through by using a sterile nail trimmer. This is the part of the bone from which the claw growth is removed. The veterinarian either sews the incision with suture material or closes it with surgical glue. In some cases not enough of the third bone is removed and the claw grows back. This will lead to infection
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